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Dr.G.Vijay Nair

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Research Areas


During his tenure as Senior Research Chemist and later as Principal Research Chemist in the Medical Research Division of American Cyanamid Company Dr. Nair has made significant contributions in a number of areas of Medicinal Chemistry and Organic Synthesis. One facet of his work maybe singled out. His recognition that sulfated sugars exert powerful immunomodulatory action relevant to the treatment of autoimmune diseases such as arthritis led to the synthesis of a number of oligosaccharide poly (Hsulfates). Since the availability of oligosaccharides was extremely limited and the known synthetic methods primitive, new methods were developed for the efficient synthesis of oligosaccharides. One approach that was particularly fruitful involved the glycosylation of trityl ethers in a block condensation mode. A novel glycosidation of silyl ethers leading to a high yield synthesis of oligosaccharides and aryl glycosides was discovered in this context.

After his return to India towards the end of 1990, Dr. Nair has established a viable research group and has made noteworthy contributions in major areas of organic synthesis viz.,


1. Cycloadditions of o-quinones,

2. C-C bond forming reactions by oxidatively generated radicals

3. Asymmetric synthesis using chiral auxiliaries and

4. Heterocyclic synthesis using novel multicomponent reactions (MCRs)

5. Organocatalysis



On going project:


         " Engaging N-Heterocycles and N-Heterocyclic carbenes as organocatalysts for novel carbon-carbon & carbon-heteroatom bond forming reactions " Funded by Department of Science and Technology (DST), India.






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